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World Items

The most coveted items on the server, the world items are a collection of 8 extremely powerful equipments (although it is strongly believed that there are 9). As of redacted, we have recovered all 8 known world items and are actively hunting down for the rumoured 9th item. While they were once distributed to the top players on a weekly basis, they now sit strictly guarded under spawn as we enter the final stages of repairing these items. The list of world items are listed below.

World Item 1: Downfall of Castles & Dragons


The first of the world items, Downfall of Castles and Dragons was retrieved from a hidden room in the sewers. It is a powerful sword previously believed to only exist in myths until it was discovered and brought back for inspection. The cuts from it are known to leave nasty permanent scars.

World Item 2: Book of Ancients & Origins


The Book of Ancients & Origins was used by the spirit of the investigator in enacting his vengeance. Holders of the book are granted extremely powerful status effects. It was never known as to how the mythical item ended up with the spirit of the investigator but it is believed that he was being manipulated by La Shik' Va to carry out his orders.

World Item 3: Rod of Ages


World Item 3, the Rod of Ages was discovered on 31st May 2021, after the hidden throne room in the oasis dungeon was breached. Information regarding the abilities of the rod were never fully disclosed to the public except that it was deemed to be too dangerous to use due to its potentially devastating impact on ocean ecosystems. The only undamaged world item, it is kept in the gallery and used in studies for accelerating the repair of the other 7 damaged world items.

World Item 4: The Icathian Armour


The Icathian Armour was obtained along side Zephyrus Blessings in a summoning procession involving world eater entities. It is a 4-piece defensive equipment that provides its wearer with unmatched protection. It is believed that its entrapment of highly unstable and corrupted powers is what grants it its extreme durability and self-regenerative abilities.

World Item 5: Zephyrus Blessings


Zephyrus Blessings was obtained along side The Icathian Armour in a summoning procession involving world eater entities. It is a pair of magical wings that grants its wearer the ability to fly tirelessly. The source of its powers is still unknown but wearers have mentioned hearing a voice every so often while equipped with the item.

World Item 6: Bow of Avarosa


The Bow of Avarosa presented itself to us after a huge battle against a wave of void creatures. Owing to the suspicious nature of its appearance, there are people who believe that the Bow of Avarosa we possess is not an actual world item but a fake meant to mislead us. While these rumours have yet to been disproved, the power of the bow however, is unquestionably of a legendary tier.

World Item 7: Orb of Creation


The Orb of Creation was found deep within a mysterious dungeon that surfaced out of the blue. It was incidentally discovered while a team was sent to investigate on the origins of the endless stream of dungeon mobs. An item lost in an ancient war, the Orb of Creation allows its wielder command over the essence of a vast majority of lifeforms, subjugating them and spawning them at will.

World Item 8: Nameless Anvil of Forging


The Nameless Anvil of Forging was recovered after killing the final raid boss - the 14th boss of a long battle that lasted 2 weeks. Holders of the item have noticeable enhanced ability to become adept at multiple skills (mcMMO), allowing them to quickly pick up skills at will.