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Survival being the oldest gamemode on the server possesses an extensive history. Some interesting facts about the gamemode may be found below!

  • The original explore map in the first season of survival was never meant to be a claimable land for players to live in. A single line of mistaken configuration resulted in this irreversible mistake!
  • The powers of the world items were never fully understood. While individually strong, their true potency can only be unleashed when all items are put together.
  • World tokens are believed to wield subtle corruptive effects on its holder. While never truly proven, long time users have been observed to grow an unhealthy obsession with it.
  • The very first town founded on TavernCraft was placed under strict protection from griefs despite no longer having any inhabitants.
  • The existence of the sewers and its inhabitants have always been known to a selected few. Fearing widespread panic, the lead investigator wilfully withheld information recovered from his expeditions. A post-analysis of the incident revealed that if he had shared those information earlier, unnecessary sacrifices could have been avoided.
  • The Abyss feature was an extremely high effort release during the initial periods of season 2. It came fully equipped with custom scripts for in-game events, as well as an entire website to monitor meteor crashes. However, it was shelved following complains from players that the Abyss diffculty was way beyond manageable.