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Dungeons refer to several dangerous locations on the server inhabited by numerous elite mobs. They are typically impossible to explore alone and have very high death visitor death counts. Only the most courageous and determined will set foot in these places. The list of known dungeons are as below:

The Sewers


The Sewers is a dungeon located directly beneath the server's very first spawn. It was the original residence of La Shik' Va as well as the holding place for the first world item. The mobs that inhabit this place were unbelievable strong, with a single minion in the dungeon capable of taking on legendary tier adventurers. The 8 mini bosses that inhabited the sewers were even more powerful, with some being near impossible to kill. Ultimately, it took countless runs of concerted attacks to fully explore the dungeon.

Mysterious Dungeon


Mysterious Dungeon was always referred to as such because of its endless stream of mobs. This was eventually traced to world item 7, the orb of creation. The mobs of this dungeon are less aggressive than those in the sewers but make up for their lack of strength in their numbers. One would easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of mobs if exploring the dungeon alone. However, some world item holders are known to be able to traverse the dungeon alone safely while avoiding/minimizing combat.

The Oasis


The Oasis was a massive dungeon that once stood at the top of the world as the grandest city. Following the invasion of the abyss entities, the city fell into ruins and became a feeding ground for their invaders. Forgotten by the march of time, The Oasis was discovered by one of our players who chanced upon it while struggling in a fierce desert storm. It is unknown if the discovery was intended by the now hostile inhabitants of The Oasis or if the player had just really lucked out.

On 11th June, it was also discovered that the original ruler of The Oasis was La Shik’ Va. A kind and wise ruler, he too fell to the powers of the abyss. With the entirety of his city corrupted, The Oasis boasts over 800 elite mobs and numerous puzzles. It remains the most expansive and challenging location to date, taking countless of lives of explorers.

Blood Red Forest


An enigmatic dungeon, the Blood Red Forest is an isolated ecosystem that boast a wide variety of strange inhabitants who feed on its strange magical properties. Residing in perpetual darkness, it was discovered through leads provided in a diary entry of La Shik’ Va, it is believed to be the home of the mysterious Darkin race, beings who transcended time and pre-dated La Shik’ Va.

The initial expedition on 1st October 2021 went rather smoothly, until the Darkins appeared. A total of 6 Darkins were believe to be present in the forest, including one who was believed to be the holder of the remaining world item. Despite fierce battles, the expedition yielded little results with the Darkins hiding away to avoid further confrontations. Although the Darkins appear much weaker as history has described them, it is believed that not all darkins had been encountered and there are likely to be stronger ones unknown.

The Primis


In a bid to fix the corrupted world items, an extensive search for rare natural elements to complete final repairs have led us to an exquisite place. The Primis is a place of nature, containing the very raw powers that shaped the world we know today. However, don't let it's peaceful appearance fool you! If the old tales are true, then beneath its graceful appearance lies countless traps and dangers!