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The following is an extensive list of features (arranged in alphabetical order) that help shape your experience on skyblock.


Our in-game economy is facilitated by banknotes, representing currency in a tangible form. Players can trade banknotes, store their wealth securely, and conduct transactions effortlessly, enhancing the trading experience.

Caretaker (Temporarily Disabled)


Caretaker is an NPC chatbot that is capable of a wide variety of responses. Utilizing the latest ChatGPT technologies, he is able to reply both server-related questions as well as general enquiries. He may be interacted with through chat commands or by finding him as he wanders aruond spawn in-game.

Note: He has been temporarily disabled in-game pending an update to v3.

Chest Shop

Enhancing the trading dynamics, our server offers a Chest Shop plugin. This feature empowers players to create their own shops using chests and signs, promoting player-driven commerce and interaction within the community.



An element of excitement, our server presents Crates – special containers that players can unlock using unique keys. Opening crates yields rewards ranging from rare items, resources, and enchantments, making exploration and achievements all the more rewarding.

Custom Enchantments

Elevating gameplay possibilities, our server introduces Custom Enchantments, unique enhancements not found in vanilla Minecraft. These enchantments offer diverse effects that can significantly impact strategy and engagement.

Custom Wandering Trader

A distinct facet of our server, the Custom Wandering Trader roams the world, offering exclusive and better items that cannot be obtained through conventional gameplay. Interact with this trader to access rare treasures.

Dungeon Mine


Delve into the depths of our Dungeon Mine, an intricately designed subterranean realm filled with challenges, mobs, and valuable rewards. Explore its secrets and conquer its trials for a truly immersive experience.



Embrace the agricultural life with dedicated Farmlands – expanses where players can sow & harvest crops and participate in farming activities to sustain themselves and contribute to the server's economy.

Custom Fishing


Our server takes fishing to new heights with Custom Fishing. Experience a tailored fishing experience with unique catches, rare rewards, and engaging challenges that go beyond vanilla Minecraft's fishing mechanics.



Engage with our dynamic economy through the Jobs system. Select from a variety of professions, from mining to crafting, and earn currency by performing tasks related to your chosen job, contributing to the server's bustling economy.

Magic Cobblestone

it provide ability to generate additional block types in cobblestone generators for any BentoBox GameMode. For example, have diamond ore generated, or iron ore. It's magic! This expanded resource generation opens up exciting new avenues for creativity and progression in the game.



A fantastic addition to the game, these pint-sized companions are customizable, offering players the opportunity to tailor their roles. Minions take on tasks such as mining, farming, and even killing, making the world of Minecraft more engaging and efficient. These digital sidekicks add an exciting layer of strategy and fun to the game, as players deploy them strategically to optimize their in-game experiences. With customizable behaviours, it offers players a unique twist on the classic sandbox adventure that is Minecraft.


Per-island dragon fights in Skyblock bring an exciting challenge. Players gets their own fight to conquer the almighty dragon!

Green House

Greenhouses your island world! It enables players to build their own biome greenhouses complete with weather, friendly mob spawning, unique plant growth, and even block erosion! Greenhouses are made out of glass and must contain the blocks found in the Biome Recipe to be valid. There is a recipe GUI. Once built, the greenhouse can be used to grow plants with bonemeal, and it may spawn biome-specific mobs. If you include a hopper with water in it, snow will form inside the greenhouse when it rains. If you put bonemeal in the hopper, biome-specific plants will grow. Some blocks can also transform over time due to "erosion"



Quests are an exciting way to complete tasks to earn rewards! Tasks vary from gathering crops to fighting monsters and the prizes can range from money to flytime and even to the much coveted Tavern Coins!



Immerse yourself in an RPG-like progression system with Skills/MCMMO. Level up various skills that enhance your abilities, such as mining, combat, and farming, providing an added layer of depth and advancement to your gameplay.


Our server offers Spawners, which allow players to generate mobs at will. Utilize these devices to create mob farms and resource-grinding setups, enhancing your efficiency and resource gathering.


Keep track of your progress and achievements through the Scoreboard, an in-game interface element that displays crucial information, such as player statistics, achievements, and objectives, keeping you informed at all times.

Themed Islands


Immerse yourself in our Themed Islands, unique realms designed with specific themes. These islands offer opportunities for creative building, interaction, and exploration while adhering to distinct concepts, fostering a diverse and vibrant community