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Ranks are a global feature and apply across all gamemodes on the server (including in new gamemodes). Rankup is done via the Tavern Coins currency that is global across the network and its menu (shown above) can be brought up with /rankup while in-game. It will persist through any form of resets, lasting for as long as the server is still alive. Perks regarding each rank may be found in the permissions section of each gamemode and may be subjected to changes/revisions. The number of Tavern Coins required for each rank is shown below:

  • Novice (Default)
  • Apprentice (25 Tavern Coins)
  • Knight (100 Tavern Coins)
  • Lord (200 Tavern Coins)
  • Baron (300 Tavern Coins)
  • Prince (400 Tavern Coins)
  • King (500 Tavern Coins)
  • God (600 Tavern Coins)
  • Titan (875 Tavern Coins)