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Welcome to the official TavernCraft Wiki! This platform serves as a comprehensive resource detailing the diverse range of gamemodes offered within the TavernCraft gaming realm. Managed and curated by the Observatory team, this site is a repository of valuable information. As a work in progress, expect ongoing updates to enhance your experience.


TavernCraft was conceived by a group of friends who decided to curate a Minecraft journey together. Originating as a private realm for personalized Minecraft encounters, the server gradually transitioned into a public platform which drew in many people who were seeking out a friendly place to call home. Over time, TavernCraft has burgeoned into a thriving community, uniting players in the pursuit of enjoyment.

Presently, TavernCraft is an enclave characterized by its medieval-themed setting. It embraces a wide variety of gamemodes, supporting versions 1.8 to 1.20, with ambitious plans for further expansion. There is a dedicated staff team diligently crafting an environment conducive to both seasoned and novice players all while ensuring a harmonious gameplay experience. If you seek a spirited and genial community, then this is the place for you!


With a strong desire to offer fun yet diverse experiences, TavernCraft offers a wide array of engaging gamemodes to captivate every player's imagination:

  • Survival: Battle elite mobs, catch all the unique fishes, harvest all the crops as you embark on a journey of resourceful resilience, where the world is your canvas!

  • Creative: Embrace boundless creativity, where your imagination takes flight, shaping worlds limited only by your vision.

  • Skyblock: Test the limits of your strategic prowess as you compete against others to cultivate the most successful island!

  • Skywars: Engage in intense combat, where victory hangs in the balance across suspended arenas.

  • Tower Defense: Upgrade towers, build barricades and strategize as you defend against relentless waves of foes!

  • Vanilla: Experience Minecraft in its purest form, free from modifications, and embark on a classic journey through the game's fundamental essence.

  • Cobblemon: Travel across the world as you meet new pokemon, forge new friendship and find out if you can catch them all!

Each gamemode unveils a unique dimension of gameplay, inviting you to explore, create, conquer, and thrive!

Note: Survival & Creative are the only gamemodes available at the moment, remaining gamemodes are planned for launch in Oct/Nov 2023.

The Observatory

At the heart of every key TavernCraft establishment lies the monumental Observatory. Serving as the headquarters for the Observatory team, an enigmatic group established after cryptic astral phenomena (details withheld), this structure embodies a fusion of operational prowess and architectural splendor. While its origins trace back to celestial mysteries during the abyss event, the Observatory's scope has evolved to encompass the investigation of perplexing unsolved cases. This site itself serves as the official chronicle, housing the insights amassed by the Observatory team. Please note that certain details are subject to redaction and classification due to their sensitive nature.