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The following is an extensive list of features (arranged in alphabetical order) that help shape your experience on creative.

Caretaker (Temporarily Disabled)


Caretaker is an NPC chatbot that is capable of a wide variety of responses. Utilizing the latest ChatGPT technologies, he is able to reply both server-related questions as well as general enquiries. He may be interacted with through chat commands or by finding him as he wanders aruond spawn in-game.

Note: He has been temporarily disabled in-game pending an update to v3.



The creative server comes with a wide range of interesting cosmetics that may be accessed via the /cosmetics command! The use of cosmetics requires cosmetic coins which may be obtained via voting and crates! Look below to see a cool music cosmetic!



Crates are one of the commonly used features by all players and can be found directly in front of spawn. Creative contains 4 types of crates which includes vote, superior, rare and mythical. Keys to vote crates are obtained through daily voting while the keys to rare and mythical crates are obtained through the server webstore. Keys may also be won through crates, events or obtained via tavern coins at /tavern store. Players may left-click the crates in-game to view their list of rewards. An image of /warp crates is shown above.



Mini contests and build competitions are held once in a while on the creative server. In fact, the server hub that we have been using for multiple seasons now was the winning entry for the group category in the build competition held back in season 1! If you are confident of your building skills, then perhaps build competitions are something for you to look out for!



Pets serve as companions for players, providing a few utility functions such as the ability to disguise and ride the pet. They can be summoned with the /pet command and are obtained through events, ranks and from the server store. Occasionally, themed pet contests will be held where the public votes on the players who best show off their pets with a tagline to match the theme.

Player Heads


Ever needed custom blocks to achieve your desired designs? Fret not! We support the /skull command for players to obtain any player heads that may assist them in their builds! Whether you need presents around your christmas tree or a couple of spooky heads to decorate your halloween houses, we got you covered!



In creative, players are able to build to their heart's content in 150 x 150 plots. The number of plots a novice can have is 1 and this amount increases by 1 per rank as well! Within a plot, players are also allowed to add, trust, remove or deny other players. Options to adjust plot flags such as its biome and description are provided as well, all for free! We value letting players express their creativity so if you're looking to go freestyle on your builds, then you have all the space to experiment!



Warps refer to a few locations where players may easily get to. The current warps include crates, donators, help and rules. Prominent holograms are also shown above each warp as shown in /warp rules in the image above.



Unlock boundless creativity with full WorldEdit command access on our server. Craft magnificent structures, shape landscapes, and streamline your building process effortlessly. Need a place to experiment your builds? Embrace a fuss free and feature rich experience!



For the fans of VoxelSniper, you will be happy to learn that all players are also granted full VoxelSniper access on the server!