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Staff Team


The TavernCraft staff team works tirelessly to curate the medieval-themed Minecraft server experience for the community. It comprises four essential pillars: Moderation, Build, Media, and Development. Each pillar plays a distinct role but has close collaboration to shape a captivating and enchanting gaming environment.

Moderation: The peacekeepers of our realm, the moderation team ensures a friendly and respectful atmosphere, keeping the virtual tavern a welcoming place for all.

Build: Our talented builders are the architects behind the captivating medieval landscapes, constructing everything from rustic villages to majestic castles and mysterious dungeons.

Media: Bringing the tavern to life beyond the game, the media team captures the server's essence through captivating visuals, videos, and engaging posts that resonate with both current adventurers and potential newcomers.

Development: Behind the scenes, the development team works its technical magic, refining mechanics, introducing fresh features, and maintaining a seamless experience for all.

These four pillars harmonize to craft the dynamic, entertaining, and professional world of TavernCraft. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure in a medieval realm where every corner is infused with excitement and expertise.