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The list of roles and descriptions within the moderation team may be found below:

Head Moderator

  • Lead and oversee the Moderation Team.
  • Develop and update moderation guidelines and policies.
  • Handle escalated player issues and conflicts.
  • Conduct regular training and evaluations for moderators and helpers.
  • Act as the point of contact for sensitive community matters.


  • Monitor chat and gameplay to enforce server rules.
  • Address player complaints and conflicts.
  • Help maintain a friendly and safe community environment.


  • Assist players with questions and in-game issues.
  • Monitor chat to enforce server rules.
  • Provide guidance on gameplay mechanics.
  • Act as a resource for new and experienced players.


  • Undergo training to become a full-fleged Helper.
  • Learn server rules and moderation procedures.
  • Shadow experienced staff members and gain experience.

Note that the above provides an overall description of the role and specific details may slightly differ depending on discussions/arrangements.