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The list of roles and descriptions within the build team may be found below:

Head Builder

  • Oversee all building projects on the server.
  • Lead the Build Team and assign tasks to other builders.
  • Ensure the quality and thematic consistency of structures.
  • Collaborate with the server’s lore and storyline.

Senior Builder

  • Assist the Head Builder in managing building projects.
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to junior builders.
  • Participate in major construction tasks.
  • Help maintain the server’s aesthetic standards.


  • Construct and design buildings, landscapes, and decorations.
  • Collaborate with other builders to complete projects.
  • Follow the server’s architectural guidelines.
  • Contribute to the overall visual appeal of the server.

Note that the above provides an overall description of the role and specific details may slightly differ depending on discussions/arrangements.